She Said ‘No’. Didn’t You Listen?

She Said ‘No’. Didn’t You Listen?

This intrepid and frustrating existence I continue to endure – two years later, is hardly fucking encouraging. And I find myself becoming more bold after vacillating, intermittent periods of apathy and feelings of helpless hopelessness that of which stem from the ever-so-persistent constant demand and blatant proffered statements that make good on these forewarned events to take place should I fail to shutt-up ; deviate and stricken from so-called agreement rendered in the relinquishment papers I was forced into “signing” that Friday just before Mother’s Day, 2019.

But I’m still suffering — the deliberate, strategic, and unlawful activity that of which these well-off character’s continue to flex and fulfill in its threatening reiteration has become tiresome.

. . . And this mental illness ensues — deluded selfish endeavors where structured seats of local power and heavy influence are espoused with the likes of a grin like his:

Silas Rossow elicits in apt demonstrated effort, an “accurate depiction” of how an expensive though, “hard-earned” amasse of wealth and other associated blessings ought to be rendered.
Silas (Seth) Rossow (of Merced, Ca) elicits aptly in demonstrated effort, an “accurate depiction” of how an expensive — though, “hard-earned” amass of wealth and other associated blessings — ought to be rendered.

I know! You guys are all-to-powerful and I should have hesitated.

Then to just get lost in those paralyzing moments shrouded with fear. And fulfill the expectations of wanted defeat of my unsolicited and unwarranted treatment at the hands of those much more well-supplied and equipped to reiterate its rhetoric that those Christians espoused so thoroughly with unassuming seemingly non-existent effort — because they wouldn’t be feigning, right?!

@Rayjaydaily (Ray Jay) above, is fully engaged in further unraveling in full and thorough illustration the labyrinth of confusion and exploitation that ensues in facilitating adoptions (coerced/forced) and bringing an awareness to the painful ordeal due to, often, very temporary set of circumstances biological parents find themselves at disadvantage in arguing against to those in structured seats of influence and power. 

She refuses to remain suffering the cooperative, quiet, sufferable and exploited fate central Cailifornia’s key-players demanded of her. 

Continue arguing for justice. 

Follow her @Rayjaydaily for Edmond Frey not Ray where this saga continues jn measurable competitive play!

Suicide Awareness Stitches

I’m working on my admittance and volunteer hire aimed for this winter 2021, with R.C.’s Front Porch Coalition’s http://frontporchcoalition.org/ as Loss Prevention team member @rayjaydaily

Just bought today (online). The artistic work is striking and utterly remarkable

Below, about two weeks ago eagerly awaited for me to get paid to wear and honor in my support of Suicide Awareness and it’s Prevention. Made a facebook post of it and Brandon. …From local Rapid City’s Front Porch Coalition, taking a comprehensive approach to the sanctity of living out our years in full. We had a fast car, Brandon ❤ 🙂 , didn’t we, b?

Laying back on my bed a quarter to six in the evening Sunday night, 10 October as I’ve got to remark and gush that today has been absolutely delightful and of much reprieve with my girlfriend taking me out for a good time of kickin’ it with the others, visiting around. That’s likely my favorite thing to do while enjoying my #spun. That, and creating art…

taken 10 October 2020 as unapologetic #spun girlfriends appreciating the air of incredible energy surrounding our group and atmosphere
Knowing each other will be set at one year January 2021. She’s absolutely remarkable and delightful.

Swish by Mike Stud on my Spotify account and one of my fav channels. Catch up and follow me here!!

…and today was the ultimate crispy, colorfully shaded trees of leaves finding themselves sticking to the ground with a crunchiness akin to Post’s Honey Bunches of Oats brand of cereal, right. I mean, she showed me an incredible time and displayed her loyalty and affection for me. …and she does that, I’ve taken notice, find info myself asking her if she “really means it,” as she compliments me.

Live and let live…

stated from, well, who knows.

Feels good. It was just the perfect Sunday for any given appreciation in the

use of dope for medicinal purposes and a sure pick-me-up one could ask for. The infamous mid-western #underground was all over this day. Actively putting the team on the map.

This one!! •THIS• proves indespensible Blakemansredpickup on Facebook. Breaking Bad 2.0 RC

Typical of me while #spun

  • Call Uncle Rick (of Gillette, Wy) and chat for a good while with him •mostly• listening and laughing
  • Create content for my social media channels and vive to my Spotify playlist that I carefully compile and confidently stream over my nice, new Sony extra-bass speaker or cheap earbuds
  • Usually find myself listening to Post Malone’s selection of fine music and melody nothing short of nostalgic meanderings for recent years and the loss that inevitably was incurred and felt quite deeply
Signing off, @rayjaydaily
Signing off–


Remembering Why

…and what cannot be torn.
Ray Jay (Emmarine Woody) and Edmond Frey (Brandon Blakeman)
with their daughter, Odet Elise.

Loosing the people I most cherish has opened my heart in ways that I didnt think were possible. I’m embracing my essence that is characterized with being goofy, young-at-heart and encompasses displaying and owning who I am at my very core: Driven. Tempered. Passionate. And anymore, UNAPOLOGETIC. I don’t spend time basking in the heard mentality. My blood is warmed with being ‘different’, and incitment.

…Let there be a grand production…I love me a good show with their very best BROUGHT. 😉

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