Actively Targeted & Pursued

Cell phone Service quickly goes out
a few moments after receiving this unsolicited
text notification, early Nov 2019


To leave us so abruptly and at the detriment of your own hands with unwavering resolve, has unmistakably left your friend’s and family with empty hands with cheeks of salty tears and a mourning heart—your absence felt with weight carried by shoulders. Nothing more could be wanted than to see your goofy, happy-go-lucky child-like self. It is with a mother’s eyes and an intuitive longing that I continue to see you, Brandon, and remember you with. The conviction that you carried and steadfastly and unwavering exemplified throughout the life you lived will forever be engraved and marked: the values and insight that you possessed were remarkable, and very much will be missed. For, nobody could hold a candle to the character you not only carried but again, exemplified. The Lord surely rejoices in your character you aptly and consistently demonstrated with a pure heart.
Your mother truly has to be proud should she have known you in the way I did. You carried the spirit of love, giving heart not devoid of an earnest eagerness to understand better any given notion or stance, better. That is what I loved most about you; the depth you identified and permitted yourself to feel; the spiritual gravitation that was responsible for our meeting is known and very much acknowledged. Babes, I forever will continue to honor the life you lived and the spirit that you encompassed. There will be none like you, for centuries to come, Brandon. I’ll see you when my time’s up.
Always holding you,
Emmarine E Woody (Emma)

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