Third Day In

Getting #lit is my ultimate past time: from there everything fun and exciting absolutely just takes off. Shit—there’s much to say, I just gotta get it down.

Sometimes I think back over my relationship with my late boyfriend, and I feel as though he didn’t deserve me. And likely in many ways he didn’t. But, I know at our very core, the two of us, we were chosen to make standing and lasting statements of unwavering love. I miss him. I wonder what the spiritual realm is like. I wonder how much he attempts to communicate with me, and—if he’s waiting with patient yet earnest expectant wanting for those decades to pass, what he wanted and yearned for coming ever so closer.

Listening to Korn’s “Mass Hysteria” rn. Well, now I live with my girlfriend Amanda and her family out here in Spearfish. Pete basically turned his nose up at me and decidedly passed judgement where he has no bearing. And I’m liking spearfish. New people, for sure and it has its beauty where RC just doesn’t seem to hold.

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