She Said ‘No’. Didn’t You Listen?

She Said ‘No’. Didn’t You Listen?

This intrepid and frustrating existence I continue to endure – two years later, is hardly fucking encouraging. And I find myself becoming more bold after vacillating, intermittent periods of apathy and feelings of helpless hopelessness that of which stem from the ever-so-persistent constant demand and blatant proffered statements that make good on these forewarned events to take place should I fail to shutt-up ; deviate and stricken from so-called agreement rendered in the relinquishment papers I was forced into “signing” that Friday just before Mother’s Day, 2019.

But I’m still suffering — the deliberate, strategic, and unlawful activity that of which these well-off character’s continue to flex and fulfill in its threatening reiteration has become tiresome.

. . . And this mental illness ensues — deluded selfish endeavors where structured seats of local power and heavy influence are espoused with the likes of a grin like his:

Silas Rossow elicits in apt demonstrated effort, an “accurate depiction” of how an expensive though, “hard-earned” amasse of wealth and other associated blessings ought to be rendered.
Silas (Seth) Rossow (of Merced, Ca) elicits aptly in demonstrated effort, an “accurate depiction” of how an expensive — though, “hard-earned” amass of wealth and other associated blessings — ought to be rendered.

I know! You guys are all-to-powerful and I should have hesitated.

Then to just get lost in those paralyzing moments shrouded with fear. And fulfill the expectations of wanted defeat of my unsolicited and unwarranted treatment at the hands of those much more well-supplied and equipped to reiterate its rhetoric that those Christians espoused so thoroughly with unassuming seemingly non-existent effort — because they wouldn’t be feigning, right?!

@Rayjaydaily (Ray Jay) above, is fully engaged in further unraveling in full and thorough illustration the labyrinth of confusion and exploitation that ensues in facilitating adoptions (coerced/forced) and bringing an awareness to the painful ordeal due to, often, very temporary set of circumstances biological parents find themselves at disadvantage in arguing against to those in structured seats of influence and power. 

She refuses to remain suffering the cooperative, quiet, sufferable and exploited fate central Cailifornia’s key-players demanded of her. 

Continue arguing for justice. 

Follow her @Rayjaydaily for Edmond Frey not Ray where this saga continues jn measurable competitive play!

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