Incessant Wanting

Incessant Wanting by @rayjaydaily

This particular piece offers an illustrative visual that capitulate the emotions and thoughts that the illegal adoption entailed–everything unwittingly leading up to those documents and all, that, would take place after.


Creating art is a big part of me coping with recent events and the loss that incurred. I will be going go a printing press to have these favorite images of mine rendered on 11 x 14 sheets of metal and canvas will have its part, as well. I’m thoroughly looking forward to this, but finances have been tight. I don’t have much to play with…but I am hopeful and optimistic that this crtertainly will change for the better.

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She Said ‘No’. Didn’t You Listen?

This intrepid and frustrating existence I continue to endure – two years later, is hardly fucking encouraging. And I find myself becoming more bold after vacillating, intermittent periods of apathy and feelings of helpless hopelessness that of which stem from the ever-so-persistent constant demand and blatant proffered statements that make good on these forewarned events…

I’m Going Hard

I’m not leaving any hesitation to speak out concerning the truth while I continue to grieve my losses. It’d be a miracle to have my child back; I keep lit my candle each night.

Below Branon lays out what he’s giving me, back then, and it’s warming to have his voice recorded though it’s often too painful to listen to. Always honoring you, B.

Brandon declares his greatest gift to me–A family, winter 2018