Don’t Interrupt. It’s Rude.

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🤳🏻 but as I was sayin’ (hold. Vibe wid mehh. Only way imma gunna cooperate here bruhh) 👉🏻 —> “Man of the Year” 👏🏻 Hunt — and I’m speaking Speaking from👩🏻‍💻•personal experience• here, most 💅”boss’s” tend tah 😳 always😳 wanna be told that, “[They] gunna •make it•,”. Sadly 💁🏼 though 😩 most of ‘em never🖕🏻doooh👉🏻•ONE 💗 LOVE• 😂 though 👌🏻@StephenHunt 😘 Bet the meticulous cash flow charts that continue with much-promising handsome returns remain 🤭 mostly 😳 unaccounted 💅 for 🖕🏻though. That’s alright though brother-in-Christ. That’s quite alright I gotcha I gotcha—Name don’t mean 😢 shit these days with the #aggressivemarketing from the 21st century most #millenials (one 👈 over here, Ray Jay—make sure that gets in there; verify! Worked hella #goharder for the street cred, 👩🏼‍💻😝 bruuuh 😂

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(Hunt enjoys the rush of wheel in’ n deal in’ as much as I thrive under stressful constraints of selling these chronicled, true-to-life and verifiable events that lack nothing of illustrative patience…🤭

DM via his JMJ Maternity Homes 🏠 quarters 📧

-sigh- everybody wanting for the faakin’ notoriety of effort at force #babiesforsale #highestbidder while “we” maintain and fulfill the appropriate societal personas and involved active-engagements & recruitments. 👏🏻 Schitzya!! #thebitchwiththephone

By the way, said photo from 🖕🏻above 😑 insisted on being fashioned with the anticipated impending audience from this 👩🏼‍💻 journalistic article. LinkedIn: Faakin’ “professionals” on deees 👉🏻 bitch

Always here with 🥱 encouragement 🤗,

—Ray Jay

Didn’t Require Warnings

…So as I approach this post, the crafting of it, I’m listening to Running to the Edge of the World from Marilyn Manson 👉🏻

His work is phenomenal. Watched him in an interview regarding the Columbine shootings in years past-and I’ve gotta say👏🏻: you fuck with somebody/people long enough; inflicting deliberate insurmountable pain where it’s goal is to isolate-it’s likely in surmising that targeted victim is going to bite back. You back them into that corner where they’ve got no more room to-hell likely will be professed through action in response. And that’s where my circumstances come in to play, here:

My iPhone 📲 and accounts have been infiltrated by JMJ Maternity Homes 👉🏻 in Atwater, California by the program’s director Stephen Hunt.

Today is May 5th, 2021 and I’m exhausted. I’m so sick and tired of all my efforts being thwarted by these players within this human trafficking ring. I’m beside myself. Every device I claim and use is being monitored; modified; intercepted and re-routed. I’m exhausted.

I want to testify in court; under penalty and perjury. I need a computer forensic expert and a very ambitious lawyer to represent my interests along with many other mothers who have been exploited.

Please contact me with any promising lawyers and the like for representation.