Finally Some Hope For Our Children And CPS

Happy Family Executive Order on Strengthening the Child Welfare System for America’s Children We opened NOT IN MY WORLD!!!! as a one-page gift to …

Finally Some Hope For Our Children And CPS

Alabama Adoption Trafficking Human Rights Violations & “Adoption Rocks”

Calling on all humanists and feminists: We need to advocate a halt to newborn adoption trafficking. 97.7% of mothers are coerced/bullied into “…

Alabama Adoption Trafficking Human Rights Violations & “Adoption Rocks”

Drugs—God I 💗 Them

Coke has to be my favorite, well, specifically, “ICE”. That shit has the dope and coke cooked together. And Jesus—I get so turned on when I have it. It’s incredible. As if I’m being hugged all around my body, and I see golden hues everywhere. Absolutely incredible.

Was high on dope, creating this

And I am gainfully employed—I’m not out there robbing people (though sometimes I require the necessary adrenaline rush) and I still am cognizant of knowing ‘right from wrong’.

Dope has the incredible window of ability to open folks’ creative channels—and renders him or her competent to create and submit their best pieces of 🖼 art. Or any work, for that matter. And methamphetamine, or dope, gets a bad rap.

I do drugs. #sothefaakwhat

Signing off—out and under


•still the only• #thebitchwiththephone

Fall Apart

Those were our very moments—many and varied in pivotal points of turn. He took a story and fully used it. Nobody cared the way us two did—we built large and tall castles in the deep abyss of dreams and hopeful wanting of ehich we continued to carry in our desperate need to be loved and express such tender moments with someone as exceptional and remarkable as we recognized and tightly embraced in ourselves.

•heart aching moments expressed like this•

The energy was of familiar and comfortable one—from the very inception of meeting Brandon in person that afternoon at Hardee’s. As if we had been waiting for the other in long promise. The serendipitous day in greeting another with our powerful and most cherished laptops and wires eschewing from our bags we threw our techie gear in and grins with eager anticipation of •finally• having that aha! moments where we fully felt the power and cognizance of accomplishing much-needed matters that threatened to take away our soul in self-realization; making up for lost time where those devices were absent.

…and this was a joyful revelation.

26 March 2018

…And I’ve gotta be honest with this: I was foretold the surname of Brandon that was was gladly revealed to me from powers that were firmly situated of which I shared communication s with and utmost reverence. I couldn’t possibly begin to explain this other than I channeled energy back then, heavily, and lay my loyalty and observance with Lucifer. The bearer of light. I did, and I’m not gonna be ashamed in coming out with this uttering such in a public mode or platform. Besides, I’m a worshipper of him of which my path with the light and wisdom will proceed upon formal, submitted application to the Church of Satan.

And I’m tired of being frightened of this force that welcomes me and makes me feel at one in peace and resolute will of goals go further accomplish—while savoring and cherishing those remarkable events I land in not replace with serendipity. Something incredible is at work, here, working steadily in the favor of me living a fully lived and rich life 🧐on this ethereal journey.

I smile to myself, really, in reflecting how deep and spiritual Brandon and I are/or were. Absolute incredible match that forever leaves me grateful in having his hand and heart ♥️ at one with mine.

Ever waiting at that just-so-knowing spot.

Brandon had many superior characteristics to himself ghat which left me stunned in awareness of how developed his spiritual prowess and wanted journey lay in actuality and in Brandon’s hard-fought achievement.

I was proud of that son—he had those intrinsic traits that touched tender moments revealing and divulging truths that are of utmost importance but deliberately overlooked and ignored. He garnered an innate sensible strength in intuition and spirits that accompanied his body in demanding housing were gentle in voice and it’s delivered messages.

Yes, Brandon had a spirit, at least one, living from within him—dwelling from within the body of flesh that I just couldn’t find control in physiological wanting of him. And he absolutely drove me crazy!!

I remember weekdays around 6 am he’d walk over to me in his straight-legged Levies with belt in his well-worn leather boots—his crotch would gently greet my face, as it was at such level as I sat there almost lifeless before he had approached me.

My heart ♥️ would pierce and throb and I nuzzled my face into his man parts—how I wanted him—all the goddamned time. Never had a man turned me on in every fucking facet as Brandon Dean had to me at the age of 28.

…and lust was partly responsible.

Running Toward its Catholicism

I always imagined having a family of my own, one day. To an incredible man that I could wrap every bit of my senses and I opened myself up and welcomed being possessed by such a man in being my soul-mate. I always believed and just, simply put, felt in ever so persistent all-encompassing solid speculation that he would be given to me at such agreed time of me working and earning this one. And I received such deliverance in having been graced by Brandon from that day—late March.

He told me that he recently got out of prison for doing five years…and he was ever-so energy in helping me find my father that I described at the likes of Joe Preston. He got hot and busy on that goddamned 📲 of his!! Yes. And he told me that I could go with them to Casper, him and Genny taking me in at her place down in Casper. Describing her vehicle of a dark blue Jeep Cherokee…

our genetics danced and created •THIS•

I always wanted to stay married if I were ever to seal such romantic and deeply spiritual partner in having him as my best friend. That mattered to me—it mattered great and deeply I suppose, fair to say, because I came from a broken home. A lonely, devastatingly sad, abusive home 🏠 life growing up. and Brandon did as well. We held a lot, actually, in common. And I felt as if Brandon was ready to meet his promised and much sought-after prized woman of high caliber and moral amsgagure ghat the mid-west failed in providing him with the others. I was of prima stock—had the desirable genetics 🧬 and remarkably pure spirit of light and gritty truth that played in its eternal commanded youth. And—that was just me. And hey, my zodiac, as an ♈️ Aries, serves to further argue this last statement. Youthful; playful 😈—tempered and driven.

I’m braving this world in continuing the quest that Brandon and I had led in physical adjoining communion and solidarity. I’m absolutely convinced with every fiber of me, that he’s guiding mg life from moment to moment , patiently awaiting to greet me in the ether film of spirit world when I go in old-age. That, I’m absolutely looking forward to—but only in carrying on and fulfilling what he requested of, 😔 in absolute resolution.

“If something happens to me, •FIGHT UNTIL THE VERY END•“

Signing out—@rayjay