At the End, He Wrote “Goodbye”

We’re celebrating achievements of success that Ray Jay has attained along with those that are further to come with’s arrival at said platform. It was her unyielding vision to have attention paid to issues better understood with her learned insight garnered through her varied and full-life experiences while utilizing a superior analytical mind-set, that not just anybody could appreciate. As a woman pursuing her marketing and business degree turned from sharp detour of philosophy, she’ll render topics of discussion that will include suicide and an honest take on the social-ills that fuel and propagate its practice, custody-related issues and surviving grief in quest to live a more fulfilled and meaningful existence are, but a few, issues she brings to the table. Her eclectic palate of fine taste that proves notable in its validity and staves off boredom. Let’s continue the discussion:

Story is the Same

was Kidnapped; ransomed–AND EVERRRRYBODY FUCKING KNEW *it*.

Was 5. Kindergarten. Thats where I’m beginning this one. I’m the fucking πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ 🧹  that just can’t be tested. And I had two of them. One and then there was two. Had to learn through experience, not being in some kind of novel or fable. 

And finally, I’m being recognized for the work–and it took the outsiders. The misfits. The ones that were ignored systematically. The ones who wondered πŸ€”  if they were, I fact, crazy. But who maintained straight focus. Straight focused β›½  gaze, that rapped in their head. Ratings rhymed. Not good at math but were good with taking the pills, trying to “get better”. And they ABSOLUTELY πŸ’― πŸ‘Œ did. Just not in others’ way or decrees. That felt lonely, but had the love πŸ’˜  and angered fiery rage.

..they finally πŸ™Œ πŸ‘  prayed, rather πŸ™ pleaded with the darkness πŸ™  and looked for and only asked for more strength when they finally did buckle at the knees, only asking for more strength. I was there. The place was 117. And unseen forces kicked me..Could go on–but. Prefer to vibe and not scry–I do that. I scry. Part of my bloodline, gifts 🎁  that were rendered and ‘❀ πŸ’– fused to forsake.

We, as a united, unseen heart-rendering front spell it out for the governments holding saidπŸ”Œ. Pie. 314.__ is the highest–THE FAAKEN BRIGHTEST–intellect you’ll EVER HAVE. ever

Because, I belive in honor. I believe in conviction. And I feel for a good 😌 fakken reason. Not all of them have what #underground has. And its what makes music 🎢  😌 and love πŸ’˜ ❀  happen. Its the only way–were not “good” at math–and thats where those are unwittingly working at solving those trigonometry  and understanding geometry in ways that the so-called brightest names are πŸ™„ scratching their heads at, still.

Gangsters Paradise. Thats where I danced the best, calling for the one who was carefully selected, chosen and ultimately,  promised to me. And it takes more than “love”. It takes πŸ‘’ , it takes the sworn testimony of matrimony where wearing an invisible ring are at the forefront of any man’s checking. I hold tight to my man. He’s red. Yes yes yes. Red indeed. PISSED THE FAAK OFF.

Can’t wait to have the place in Kensigton. Me and Blakeman. Yerp. I honor my ancestors. Their will, NOT MINE be carried out. I pursue, I go on dulling the just deserved justice βš–  that “the law” systematically, deliberately and cheerfully disregarded thinking nobody with enough balls would go first to the line. I dove right in.

Midvale. Midvale, Utah. “Its red, its red”. I was around 5. John, the British one. He was there. Along with Sandra and Uncle Tico at differing times. Its the mark of the beast–goes by the olaybook script of , and here we go–ELIZABETH ANN WOODY πŸ˜€ (currently so-called πŸ˜‰ oh, and legal, ,,GUAZZO”) living at Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

I knew she wasn’t my biological mom. I knew that. I was ransomed, kidnapoed..but came to see me in person at Nibley Park Elementary in Salt Lake City–here we go, Mormons aka “LATTER-DAY SAINTS”–are the CHILD ABUSE RING. ITS HEADQUARTERED OPERATIONS that take the form of many names, organizations, and enterprises–and this is where I can say, thankfully, that I have a bit of Jewish blood, I believe. I hope so.. *this* is where I thank Rabbi Tobia Singer for his gentleness, his patience, and soft-soothing voice that smiles for mehh..and where I called the doctor, he’s likely my chronological age, at Weat Behavioral..forget it. I’m just thankful πŸ™ 😌  that I have the best team.

Thanks Mrs. KIM Mathers. It was a pleasure and continues to be the honor πŸŽ–  of maintaining the #underground artistic collaborative efforts–because my brother didn’–had to tend to something real quick–because he didn’t understand, at times, who was speaking to him. I get that. I do the same thing. πŸ™ƒ but we love to feel, we anger for a bona-fide reason. And we get down to the #investigativejournalism  that we are. Let’s keep this going πŸ’ͺ,  mom. I love you πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘­ and my maahm, the one for the police or any other meaningful figures out there πŸ€” who lay any rightful claim to owning and having earned and strive to maintain πŸ’― πŸ’ͺ πŸ™  their badge who fly in the night. Keeping the pure of heart and πŸ€  🐁  🐭 squashed when πŸ€”  β™₯  given the silent nod. Bikers. But I have the man who wears the aura of honor and oh GODDAMN. PRIDE and delves into the abyss –Marilyn [Manson]–you’re part here, now..

I’ve got many dads. Thats what it takes. Perhaps swapped at birth. Sometimes the biological parents are seeking, searching high and low, for the beginning of said curse. And Merced, California is where I learned of the origins to my curse that was placed on me. It was cruel. Callous. Deliberate. “ITS TWO,” she said. And her biological father disowned her. Im gonna say it–she was of the gang-bangen Mexican decent cunt. Keep those counts away from me. Im very much racist. I can’t stand those bitches. Bit I try fair. I treat everybody as individuals.

Im not here to be nice. I’ve been nice πŸ‘Œ 😌 for too long. And I DON’T DO SPANGLEDESH.” ..and I was gold that everybody needed a piece of me. Everybody. That that was the way it had to be. So don’t gohh there with MEEEEEHE.

I’m the Jon Benet-Ramsey. The characterization. Dont talk about my elegant and classy moooohhhhh..m. Don’t. In fact, I’m not ever going to England. Its a shit hole πŸ•³ just as California. And Pennsylvania?? I’ll go back, riding the roads with the cult-following that we, equally, demanded grouping with. So its silently acknowledged. And it began with Steal. Might be an immediate πŸ‘ͺ  member. I made my family after being told all my life that πŸ’― πŸ˜… πŸ™ƒ πŸ€” “WE DON’T HAVE FAMILY. ONLY BLOOD..”. Lonely. Lonely..but not confused.

So I threw my self into my work that I took part in. Actively solving my impending murder that was sold. Bough. And involved check βœ” πŸ˜‰ 😏 books from the 80s. Disastrous. Mrs. KIM MATHERS AND ME, AND CASSIE YOUNG know of this. I love my maahhm Cassie. And I’ve only got one. Otherwise its well. No not confusing but, feelings of satisfaction and validation 😌 πŸ‘Œ–that feels good, doesn’t it?

Maybe Dr Rocio Nell knew something πŸ€”  😏 I needed to know. Maybe Robert Barratt πŸ€”  did, too. Because I gave that trial of 2014 during the winter going into spring the very best I had to offer.

..and Nathan Randy Hamilton touched me and Brandon’s oldest daughter, Aurora Astrid (Woody). Thats it. The fear that I lived through–the silence that was demanded of me. Couldn’t and I just ‘fused to being those diaries and journals that I left in Mahoning Inn while I was fed-up with the lies that Elizabeth repeatedly told and the shadow that felt fear at every angle. I was on my way to Rite Aid πŸ’― 😌 pharmacy for my stimulants at, the time were Vyvanse. Don’t get me started–and my dad was likely, I feel, there, at the Inn, with me in one of those rooms. It felt like it. The car decal. The Jeep.

..but I’ve moved on. And its glad..the issues we got through–because that was difficult. 😢 I’d likely state for Him, won’t give up the name. The handle. Because he’s Jogn Ragnar Hov. From Norway. And likely from Oslo. But Liz gave uo the half-stated then redacted location of Hal–them said something “but not Oslo”. Yeeeep!! I got that fucking βœ‚οΈ cents numbahh.

Just a special, *AmericanFamily*. I dont give crppedance to anything of much shine. Maybe one day–MAYBEEEEH. Because I roll with it. I’m real. I dont pretend. And glad my parents worked this one out πŸ™ƒ.. πŸ™„ πŸ™‚ πŸ™Œ so well. ..have mannny. Thank the Lord. And mine is @MarilynManson ..told “Gideon” Jason of here, coordinates of “RC” Rapid City, South Dakota that my family practices the occult. *sothafaakwhatt*

Powers and Its Structures of Influence

There’s much to say about white people going underserved by liberal, namesy-pamsey β€˜politically correct’ movement that is shoved down the mass’s throats. The systematic, strategic and deliberate tactics employed are a commonly-practiced driving force that of which continues to disenfranchise this ethnic raceβ€”inevitably achieving the objections and visions that were delineated in the board of director’s meetings. What exactly am I talking about, you are likely asking, and further, challenging me to provide instances where my claims were realized and substantiated. In return, the stances I hold tightly to my chest with absolute conviction and unwavering, steadfast conviction that took me great time in being cognizant to, and possessing the ability to render to any given listening ear are methodical, and great pains taken in applying on a consistent basis. These viewpoints are what I today hold great understanding in iterating and illustrating as ethics. And while I’ve read great books that have helped shape and reinforce those perspectives I held back then and where I could measurably hold the skillset that encompasses employed empathy.

The seemingly invisible and inconspicuous powers that are operating behind the curtain with slight-of-hand fail to go unobserved and later, addressed by the likes of my intellect. Here we go! And to note: those key-players who refused to go unused in achieving carefully crafted tactics and given position in achieving objectives that at a minimum remain unethical, and utterly abhorring in part, that, these practices are commonly held in views held that remain unaddressed–let alone failure to make the masses aware ofβ€”to the grave need in holding any given organized crime’s structure and un-thwarted efforts by those apprised in questioning the whistleblower’s mental health. Character defamation. This is the most commonly held and practiced effective tool in the shed! And’s its absolutely affective in all it’s respects. Everywhere from custody battles to significant yet implicating and very-costly scientific and medical discoveries that would render a multitude of problems that, if enough attention and unity were focused in a streamlined cooperative effort, would take down the key-players. And those positions of deep-seated influence and as it goes, implicitly held power (and that, I argue, is the most profitable form of influence and power when status is held throughout the crowd with the silently given nod of respect and revere) would be overtaken.

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