Powers and Its Structures of Influence

There’s much to say about white people going underserved by liberal, namesy-pamsey ‘politically correct’ movement that is shoved down the mass’s throats. The systematic, strategic and deliberate tactics employed are a commonly-practiced driving force that of which continues to disenfranchise this ethnic race—inevitably achieving the objections and visions that were delineated in the board of director’s meetings. What exactly am I talking about, you are likely asking, and further, challenging me to provide instances where my claims were realized and substantiated. In return, the stances I hold tightly to my chest with absolute conviction and unwavering, steadfast conviction that took me great time in being cognizant to, and possessing the ability to render to any given listening ear are methodical, and great pains taken in applying on a consistent basis. These viewpoints are what I today hold great understanding in iterating and illustrating as ethics. And while I’ve read great books that have helped shape and reinforce those perspectives I held back then and where I could measurably hold the skillset that encompasses employed empathy.

The seemingly invisible and inconspicuous powers that are operating behind the curtain with slight-of-hand fail to go unobserved and later, addressed by the likes of my intellect. Here we go! And to note: those key-players who refused to go unused in achieving carefully crafted tactics and given position in achieving objectives that at a minimum remain unethical, and utterly abhorring in part, that, these practices are commonly held in views held that remain unaddressed–let alone failure to make the masses aware of—to the grave need in holding any given organized crime’s structure and un-thwarted efforts by those apprised in questioning the whistleblower’s mental health. Character defamation. This is the most commonly held and practiced effective tool in the shed! And’s its absolutely affective in all it’s respects. Everywhere from custody battles to significant yet implicating and very-costly scientific and medical discoveries that would render a multitude of problems that, if enough attention and unity were focused in a streamlined cooperative effort, would take down the key-players. And those positions of deep-seated influence and as it goes, implicitly held power (and that, I argue, is the most profitable form of influence and power when status is held throughout the crowd with the silently given nod of respect and revere) would be overtaken.

I’m arguing a multitude of points here: I’m continuing in my written discourse to better understand and clarify and later, discuss in narrowed insight my winning stances. People are the absolute greatest assets; the more intellectually astute are fully aware of this. They don’t carelessly cross others close to them in the inner-workings of the group and are fully cognizant to the notion that others are not merely dispensable and surely, no actions should be in view of suggesting such.
Lucky for you, my readers, I’m one of those people who hold bragging rights to the views and stances I hold proudly with intentional boistrous verbal banter with new people that come to kick it with me, or find in the likes of great company. That was Brandon, too. He was bright and as I was aware of in my admiration, held the needed strong suits of being relatable to the brothers employing the use of business skill and applied practical strategy. He too was a down-for-whatever self-made one-percenter with the affiliation and rather silent and seemingly humble members from within a local Gillette biker club in Northeastern Wyoming. And that state and all of its fucking ruthless-toothless down motherfuckers ridden with holding the felonies that ultimately were served in carrying out the responsibilities of a silent hero. And Brandon went down with further fulfillment of said virtue—hey, I see that. And I bear the responsibility in delineating his virtues that haven’t been honored in his measure of character, as I was privileged in holding the company of.

Signing off.

Out and over–


Author’s note: Written and fueled with the passion and conviction of honoring the one’s closest to us that have succombed to an untimely and abrupt death. Keeping their spirit and will ever-so-alive. Brandon.

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